An Interview about my life as an artist by Sand Robbers

The StarGazer Collection

Black Pen & Ink on white paper

The Stargazer collection consists of one of a kind 5 inch x 7 inch black ink sketches on white paper.  Each card is a unique  impromptu drawing that develops spontaneously as it is created.  

When completed each drawing tells a story of it's own..  

In this series you will  see zany characters, Goddesses, crows, rabbits, castles and cottages, cityscapes and country roads all inspired by a variety of aspects of my life.  

I call this my StarGazer Collection and each drawing is available as a one of a kind fine art piece or as  prints and cards.

Paper, fabric, sequins, buttons, found objects, paint

I am intrigued by materials of all kinds - paper, fabric,foil, buttons and interesting found objects that don't always make sense on their own. But after I cut, clip and glue little stories are created.

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